Guide to Divorce and Taxes

There are roughly 2,400 divorces each day of the year, breaking down to one every 36 seconds. Couples in their first marriage has a 41% chance of failure. Major life events, such as ending a marriage, impact every aspect of your financial life, including retaining assets, debt obligations, and taxes. Read more

Guide to Achieving a Tax-Free Retirement

Saving for retirement is the largest financial achievement during your years of employment, setting aside funds for up to 30 years in retirement from approximately 40 working years. Read more

Guide for Deciding When to File Your Own Taxes and When to Hire a Professional

In 2016, 42% of American taxpayers filed taxes without the assistance of a professional, up 1% from the previous year. Growing confidence comes from an increased comfort with technology and software companies, which deliver a step by step guide to tax filings. Read more

Preserving the Tax Benefits of an Old 401K

Preserving the Tax Benefits of an Old 401K

With the average person working for 12 companies over the course of a career, job hopping is the new normal for today’s workforce. Read more

End of Year Tax Tips to Increase Your Refund

For tax purposes, there are steps you can take before December 31, that could significantly increase your tax refund. While it is common to avoid tax topics until January, taking a few calculated measures now could pay off big in the New year.   Read more

You Have Access to A Free Credit Report

You Have Access to A Free Credit Report…So, Now What?

It sounds simple enough: go to and request a free copy of your credit report.

Then you try to do it and it’s another story.

Where Do I Get a Free Credit Report?

The above website offers a free, no strings attached credit report.

Most other advertised offers require you to sign up for a credit monitoring service or another service in exchange for a free report. A credit monitoring service starts with a free 30-day trial and then charges an ongoing monthly fee in exchange for instant access to your report without impacting your credit score. They also monitor activity on your report and send you notifications. Some services block your credit file requiring you to lift the block if you want to apply for credit or authorize someone to view the report. These security measures help identify fraudulent activity quickly if it occurs. Read more

What Everyone Should Know About Debt and Taxes

What Everyone Should Know About Debt and Taxes

Filing taxes can be tricky. The tax code is complicated, laws change every year, and loopholes seem to be closing rapidly. You want to get the most you can in a refund, or at least, owe the lowest amount possible. No one likes to write a check in April, but fear of an audit may discourage you from taking all the deductions you are entitled to. Scouring the website, studying the complicated language of the tax code that may relate to your taxes, is not your idea of a fun activity and can be overwhelming.

We have saved you time by covering key deductions involving debt that you need to know. Read more

The 10 Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

The 10 Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

It’s tax season and you are looking forward to the tax refund being deposited into your account. Whether it was higher or lower than expected, it still ‘feels’ like free money. When you get a windfall of cash, it is easy to splurge on things you may regret a few days down the road.

Instead of seeing a refund as a windfall, consider looking at your refund for what it really is…an overpayment of your own hard earned money the government is returning to you. A refund is the result of your employer taking too much out of your paycheck each week, leaving you with an overpayment. Adjusting your W-4 can lower your refund next year, leaving you with more money in your pocket each paycheck. In the meantime, you now have the interest free loan you gave the IRS, being paid back. Read more

The Beginners Guide to Essential Tax Terms

The Beginners Guide to Essential Tax Terms

It’s bad enough that the tax code is so complicated. It can seem overwhelming to understand. Changes are made at the last minute, sometimes as late as December 31rst, leaving you unsure of what you can actually count on when it comes time to filing. Then, there is the process of filing taxes which can be daunting especially if you do not understand the language of taxes. Just like every industry, there is an internal language that only those ‘in the know’ truly understand.

Here is a compiled list of essential tax terms that will help you navigate the tax filing season. Read more

Taking The Mystery Out of Taxes: 10 things You Must Know Now

Taking The Mystery Out of Taxes: 10 things You Must Know Now

Lack of knowledge regarding complicated matters in life creates a sense of mystery which often leads to avoidance, because the thought of tackling the task is overwhelming. Taxes do not need to be mysterious or even confusing. Gaining an understanding of the basic principles and rules will remove the uncertainty and give you confidence to tackle taxes as they come around each year.

Here are basic tax rules that are commonly misunderstood. Read more