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6 Budgeting Tips That Yield Financial Freedom for New Parents

Proper management of finances is a pain point for most individuals to the extent that the idea of discussing this subject is not welcome. Unfortunately, those who are not keen on taming their spending habits continue sinking in credit card debts, and financial freedom becomes evasive. Exercising shrewdness in financial matters is not an option especially for […]

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money Towards Your Next Vacation

Thinking about your next vacation, but not sure where the money for it will come from? It is never too early to start saving. Here are five easy ways to set funds aside that you may want to consider. 1. Open a dedicated savings account for your vacation funds Setting up an additional account may […]

A man tries to move the ticker on his credit score rating

5 Things to Know about FICO’s Newest Credit Score System

Credit scores are traditionally figured using a system by Fair Isaac Corp. Commonly called FICO credit scores. The scores range from 300 to 850. They are figured on a mix of credit use, length of credit, payment history on credit, and debt to income ratio. If any of those are “off”, the credit score is lower. […]

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The 12 Best Senior Discounts Out There

The senior years can be challenging in many ways. Financially, seniors normally have less to spend but have an increase in medical expenses. The aches and pains of being a senior citizen may not be considered a blessing, but companies that provide a discount are a blessing. There are age requirements, with some starting as […]

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If You’re a “Twenty-Something,” Avoid These Money Mistakes!

Your twenties are a time of newfound power. You’re coming into your own as an adult… and you’re ready to take on the world.

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Finding It Hard to Make It Through the Day? Get Inspired and Motivate Yourself with These 9 Quotes

Let’s be honest, life can be stressful and hard sometimes. Everyone has days where it’s hard to stay motivated, focused, and productive. Whether it’s influenced by work or personal stress, finding the right energy to accomplish great things can be difficult to come by.

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Build Your Personal Budget and Save More

Budgeting and saving your money seems simple, doesn’t it? Then why do so many people find it intimidating? To start with, it is easier and often more fun to spend money without really thinking about it.

An employ sits across the desk from her boss, having a conversation

The Right Time and Method for Asking Your Boss for a Raise

Getting a raise at work can seem like an intimidating task. Whether it’s your time at the company, the talent you bring to the table, or financial hardships at home that have you thinking about a raise, waiting around it won’t benefit you or your company.

A young child happily sits and plays in a pile of fallen leaves

7 Festive and Frugal Fall Time Favorites to Enjoy with Your Little Ones

Fall time is full of pumpkins, cool air, and fun holidays. And when you have little kids, it becomes a time of excitement, wonder, and imagination.

A Yard Sale with clothes spilling out of large buckets

Transform a Yard Sale Habit into a Profitable Side Hustle

Everyone has a few more ‘primitive’ activities we love whether or not they make sense. Eating sugar is one of them, as is gardening, rock climbing, hunting, and most sports. It doesn’t matter why we want to do them, we just do. Oddly enough, antiquing, browsing flea markets and hunting for yard sale bargains is […]