Guide to Divorce and Taxes

There are roughly 2,400 divorces each day of the year, breaking down to one every 36 seconds. Couples in their first marriage has a 41% chance of failure. Major life events, such as ending a marriage, impact every aspect of your financial life, including retaining assets, debt obligations, and taxes.

5 Facts to Understand Before Applying for College Financial Aid

Financial aid is often the lifeline to college affordability. With the cost of college attendance rising at a pace much higher rate than inflation, more students must rely on grants, scholarships, and loans to pay the bill.

Guide to Achieving a Tax-Free Retirement

Saving for retirement is the largest financial achievement during your years of employment, setting aside funds for up to 30 years in retirement from approximately 40 working years.

Guide for Deciding When to File Your Own Taxes and When to Hire a Professional

In 2016, 42% of American taxpayers filed taxes without the assistance of a professional, up 1% from the previous year. Growing confidence comes from an increased comfort with technology and software companies, which deliver a step by step guide to tax filings.

The Impact of Divorce on Financial Aid

The break-up of a marriage can have long-lasting financial effects on both parties, many of which you can anticipate. However, in addition to who will own joint assets and pay off existing debts, is the oft-forgotten impact of financial aid for current or future college students.

Tax Considerations in Retirement

Saving for the future rises to the top of most priority lists the closer you are to retirement. Current studies estimate that 56% of Americans have $10,000 or less in dedicated retirement accounts. It will be a challenge to sustain your current standard of living, with grossly underfunded investment accounts.

Preserving the Tax Benefits of an Old 401K

Preserving the Tax Benefits of an Old 401K

With the average person working for 12 companies over the course of a career, job hopping is the new normal for today’s workforce.

Modernization of The Credit Report Process Brings Greater Access to Consumers

Modernization of The Credit Report Process Brings Greater Access to Consumers

The call to apply for credit is everywhere you look. Interest-free offers, discounts for acting today, and special promotions encouraging you to buy today and pay tomorrow with the swipe of a credit card.

Guide to Choosing the Right 401K Investments

Employer sponsored retirement plans create an easy way to save for retirement. It is simple to enroll, and you gain immediate tax benefits to spur participation. Include the incentive of a company match and that equals you getting free money when you save for retirement.

A Complete Guide to Public Service Loan Forgiveness

A Complete Guide to Public Service Loan Forgiveness

With the ten-year mark on Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) approaching this October 2017, the program is on the mind of many borrowers who may qualify or want to qualify to discharge remaining student loan balances.