It's summer, which means that the kids are going to be home for a few weeks. Family time is always important, but having more of it also means less time to work so that you can keep that roof over their heads. Fortunately, in this day and age, the internet has allowed many to work at home and many more to set their own hours and be their own boss. Some of those jobs are scams but most freelance jobs are quite legitimate. With some research, it's totally possible for you and anyone else to turn that hobby or skill of yours into something that pays you. Here are 7 freelance jobs that aren't scams that you can start on today.


A lot of pessimistic people think that art is just a hobby and not a way to make a living. Well, thanks to the internet, you can actually make a living with your art! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over half of all artists are actually freelancers. Some of them will draw for others, some of them will design for others, and others will knit beautiful things and sell it on the internet through marketplaces like Etsy or Ebay. So if you have that creative itch, why not try turning your art into cash today?


Millions of Americans drive, but if you absolutely love driving, then there are many freelance jobs that need good drivers. There's of course Uber and Lyft, the freelance taxi services that many use, but there's also freelance food delivery jobs too like DoorDash and GrubHub. More recently, delivery services are taking on freelancers who are willing to drive well and a lot in order to deliver things to others. So, if you have a car and you're good at driving, you can start using it to earn money today!


Yes, you read that right, there is a lot of demand for shoppers. Not just any shoppers, but mystery shoppers. They're people who shop for marketing research companies so that companies can learn about your shopping experience and improve it. You won't be working from home as you will have to be physically in those locations, but if you like shopping, then why not do a side-job that pays you to shop?


We have the internet to thank for this boom in freelancing, and what better freelance job is there than to work on the internet, for the internet? The tech industry isn't just coding like you're a hacker in a movie, it can also range from things like providing customer support to fixing other people's tech problems. And with how many new people will start using the internet every day, the demand for folks who can help them when they're having an issue will only increase in the near future!


If you're fluent in another language and you aren't translating already, then you have a skill that you haven't monetized yet! Translators are wanted for a variety of things, from translating documents to translating in person. If you live in a multicultural area, then your skills are in even higher demand than usual.


If you feel like you are good at teaching kids this or that and you're good at basic subjects at school like English or math, then tutoring is actually a high demand field that you can start freelancing in today. In fact, right now there is a boom in virtual tutoring jobs where you tutor kids from China through the magic of the internet. You just need to be a native English speaker and have a little patience and you're qualified!


Many people want to be writers, maybe you were great at English in high school but chose to pursue a more steady career. But, if you are still good at turning your thoughts into words, freelance writers are in high demand. Most of the freelance writing you'd do would be for companies looking to spruce up their website or their brochures, but, it is work and it will pay you. Be sure to learn about Search Engine Optimization before diving in though, it's the most valuable skill a freelance writer can have!

These were just a few skills that could easily translate into a side-job that you can get in on today. Of course, be sure to do your research so that you don't sign up for a scam, but rest assured. There are many companies out there looking to hire freelancers to do some jobs for them and for most of them, you can set your own hours because you can be your own boss. So, get started today!

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