Halloween is, without a doubt, the second most important holiday of the year. Especially for some families where Halloween is a seriously big deal. We know who we are. However, you probably won't be surprised to hear that most families on a budget over-spend on Halloween, from the costumes to the candy. You may not have planned to spend more than $50 on a night of fun but many families with children spend upwards of $200 including new costumes for everyone, candy for the trick-or-treaters, and the completely non-optional spooktacular decorations.

The good news is that you can still have an incredible Halloween without blowing your budget if you know how to plan. We're here to share a few essential tips for reducing your Halloween spend this year without skimping on the fun.

Save Up to Go All-Out

If you know that Halloween is like Spooky-Christmas in your home, save up the same way you do for yearly presents. Put a little aside each month so you can splash a little cash around on the Halloween traditions that matter most in your family.


Creative Challenge

Challenge your brood to invent their own costumes instead of buying pre-made costumes from the store. Raid your closets and garage for ideas. Re-watch your favorite movies. Then resolve to DIY something awesome from what you have available.

Thrift Store Hunt

Instead of heading to the costume store, take the kids to the thrift store instead. There are some crazy clothes for less than $10 that are sure to inspire low-cost DIY costume ideas.


Many costumes can be put together with a few accessories combined creatively with clothes from your closet, thrift-store purchases, or a cardboard masterpiece. The family can also often share things like a large face paint kit for multiple costumes.


Skip the Name-Brands

No need to spring for chocolate or name-brand candies. Look for the cheapest sweets on the aisle. Trust us, those kids' plastic pumpkins are so packed with candy that off-brand lollipops will be right at home in the mix.

Wait for the 2-for-1 Deals

Wait until the week before Halloween when candy starts going on sale and pick up a few sacks at 2-for-1 when bulk candy is cheapest.

Hit the Bulk Stores

Speaking of bulk candy, swing by a bulk food store and see what enormous candy deals are available there. Some Halloween enthusiasts swear by this tactic.


Dollar-Store Decor

Don't focus on the overpriced and fancy Halloween store decor. Head to the dollar store instead. You can find all the essentials at a fraction of the price for buying off-brand.

Last-Minute Grocery Store Pumpkin Deals

For the annual pumpkin carve, pick up a grocery store pumpkin. Wait until near the end of October when pumpkins are on 2-for-1 deals as well. Don't worry about 'mottled' pumpkins. They can be carved into something even more gruesome than usual.

Save and Reuse Decor Every Year

Save your decorations instead of throwing them out. Wrap up your banners and pack up your spiders. You can also start a plastic pumpkin collection for a growing display every year.


Go Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is a great way to spend the early evening on Halloween and for little children, this is all the excitement they need.

Attend Free Neighborhood Parties

Want to rock out on Halloween with free cookies and punch? Find a free neighborhood Halloween party at your community center, HOA clubhouse, or any number of other local events.

Pot-Luck Your Halloween Bash

If you're hosting a Halloween party, get spooky potluck about it. Don't just invite guests to bring sweets and spooky snacks. Encourage them to each bring an item of decor as well. Your party will get ever-more-spooky as the guests arrive and pick a nice spot for their skeletons, window decals, and spider webs.

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