Getting married is an exciting experience. Unfortunately, if you aren't careful, it can also be an extremely pricey experience. Luckily, there are several things you can do to have your dream wedding without having to break the bank.

Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

Your friends and family are there to help you. While you should not expect your family and friends to do everything for you, don't be afraid to ask for their help. If you know someone who is a great photographer, baker, DJ, or who can offer other wedding-related services, you can likely work out a deal to get their services for less, especially if the person gives it to you as part of a wedding gift. Friends or family members, especially those who have gotten married recently, may also be able to suggest wedding vendors who will offer great services for a reasonable price.

While you should be careful about taking on too ambitious of DIY projects, if you do decide to take on a DIY project or two, have your friends help you. DIY projects save you money, and having others help you will save you time and likely make the experience less stressful.

Pick the Right Flowers

One of the best ways to save on your flowers is to pick flowers that are in season. This may mean going with flowers that would not be your first choice or planning your wedding during a specific time of year. You may also be able to save money by mixing a few of the more expensive flowers with less expensive floral options. For example, you could use the more expensive flowers in the bridal bouquet and opt for less expensive options for the bridesmaids' bouquets, the groom's and groomsmen's boutonnières, and the centerpieces. In many cases, the florist may be able to suggest another flower, which may look similar to your top choice, but that will save you significant money in the end.

Choose a Less Popular Date

When it comes to renting a wedding venue, you can often save significant money depending on the day that you get married. You can often save thousands of dollars by opting to get married during the off-peak season. Many venues also have higher rental fees on Saturdays, and in some cases on Fridays and Sundays. If you are looking to save money on the rental cost, ask the venue if there are specific times of the year or days of the week when the rental costs are lower. Pick a wedding date based on this information.

Consider Venue Rental Costs

Avoid falling in love with a venue before you know the rental cost. It's a good idea to shop around a little and compare prices. Some venues are significantly more than others. If you really want to save money on the venue, you may want to consider free or very low-cost options, such as a friend or family member's backyard, a public park, or another location that rarely hosts weddings.

Save Money on the Dress

For many couples, the dress takes up a significant portion of the wedding budget. By starting the wedding dress shopping process early, you are more likely to be able to save money. Shop the sale racks at your local bridal stores.

You can also look online for deals. There are several sites that have beautiful wedding dresses for a reduced price. For example, you can get a dress at Brides Against Breast Cancer. Some of the dresses are used while others are new. All come at a reduced cost. A portion of the proceeds goes to cancer charities, allowing you to save money while helping others. Some stores, such as David's Bridal, also offer online-only Sample Sales, where you can buy a sample dress for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay in the store.

You may also be able to borrow a wedding dress from a friend or family member. While this could save you significant money, you will likely be limited in the alterations you can make, especially if the person wants the dress back.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways that you can save significant money on your wedding. There are plenty of other areas where you can save money on your wedding. For example, this Martha Stewart Weddings article offers tips on saving money on your wedding alcohol, which is often another big wedding expense. Each couple is different. It is important for you to evaluate your own wedding budget as a couple and decide where you are willing to make sacrifices so that you can have a great wedding without spending too much money.

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