Labor Day is an American tradition. Often a way to mark the end of the summer, we bust out our shorts for a final frolic and enjoy a long weekend before fall sets in. I know what you're thinking, Labor Day plans can be expensive! From concerts to festivals to eating out, it may seem like the only way to have fun is to blow your monthly budget, but that's not the case! There are tons of rewarding, exhilarating, and totally cheap ways to spend your weekend and we've listed a few of them for you here. If you're looking to maximize your fun while stretching your dollar, try out these tips for Labor Day on a dime. 

1. Play Tourist

When was the last time you took in the sights of your own city? Head to the views, the parks, the cute row of shops for some window-shopping -- get in the spirit of your town for a dose of nostalgia and Americana perfectly suited to fit the day!

2. DIY

Do-it-yourself, or more accurately, do it together! Pick a project you've been meaning to tackle around the house or yard and work on it as a team. Maybe you invite your friends over and BBQ while you all finish up those pesky side-projects? Perhaps your kids want to help put a new coat of paint on the front door? Whatever project you've had sitting around, especially if it needs nice weather to complete, you'll feel so accomplished when it's all done!

3. Write Letters

On Labor Day and every day, there are a lot of folks who aren't taking time off to barbecue and celebrate with friends. Consider writing letters to our troops overseas to thank them for their service. Or your local fire department who will likely be putting out a lot of fireworks-related fires today. After all, a stamp will only cost about 0.50 and they are protecting priceless freedoms we often take for granted.

4. Get Thrifty

This one may cost a little but will save you money in the long run. Head to your local thrift/consignment store and do some shopping. They often feature sales for Labor Day that discount items even further. You may just find a quality piece of used furniture for half of the already reduced price. Bonus tip: If your project at home is a closet cleanout, donate those items on your way into the store! You'll free-up space for a new bargain to come into your life, but you'll also provide job opportunities for your community with your donation.

5. Volunteer

Maybe your local church could use some landscaping help or a homeless shelter who would love extra hands to hand out supplies. Check your local newspaper for any possible volunteering opportunities this weekend. After all, you got a bonus day added onto your weekend why not pass that good karma along? You'll feel good about the positivity you've given to others, and you'll still have two more days to relax and get ready for the week ahead. Win-win! 

Labor Day activities can be expensive- but there are tons of ways to have an exhilarating weekend without regretting the cost later. Get outside, get involved in your community, and get ready to close out the summer with a bang.

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