Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends and enjoy plenty of good food and warm conversation. Holidays allow us to focus on spending quality time with loved ones and making memories. Why not plan some wonderful Easter activities for everyone to enjoy?

Here are five activities you can easily plan and prepare for that will guarantee loads of fun at your celebration:

Egg on a Spoon

This tried and true activity doesn't need much investment. If you have a spoon and some eggs, you're in business. Line up all the players up at a starting line and designate a finish line. Give every player a spoon with a hard-boiled egg on it. The object of the game is to see who can make it to the finish line first without dropping their egg.

How Many Are in the Jar?

This is always fun and just requires some focus. You'll need a jar and Easter-themed candy like jellybeans. After you've counted the candy in the jar, let everyone take a guess on how many pieces are in it. The closest one wins.

Easter Egg Toss

This fun activity can be a bit messy as you use raw eggs. Have guests divide into pairs. Line all players next to each other in two lines, with each pair facing each other. One player holds the egg and tosses it to his or her partner. Have everyone take a giant step back. Repeat each step, continuing to have the pairs move farther and farther apart. The pair with the remaining uncracked egg wins. Another variation is to use plastic eggs filled with jellybeans.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

This great game is just like pin the tail on the donkey, except it's with an Easter bunny. Get a large piece of paper or a poster board. Print a picture of a bunny, cut it out, and adhere it to the board.  Using a small cup, trace circles on sturdy paper. Cut these out and glue some cotton balls to them. On the other side, roll tape so that it's sticky on the outside. Voila! You have bunny tails! Have every player wear a blindfold and try to pin the cottontail on the bunny. The one closest to the tail area wins!

Knock It Down!

This game needs a ball, some cans, and paint. Old soup cans will do the trick. Paint them different pastel colors. Once dry, stack them up and have each player try to knock them down with a ball. Take turns and see who can get them all. A variation of this would be to turn them upside down and throw a bean bag or a ball at them and try to get it inside.

Having fun activities on hand at family gatherings can keep everyone engaged and enjoying themselves! Creating these are fun and easy, and you don't need to spend a fortune on them. Remember the goal is to keep everyone having fun together. Happy Easter!

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