This Father's Day can do without the expensive gifts and lavish dining. After all, the best kind of memories are made through quality time and adventure! Dad will appreciate the time to relax away from work and marvel in the happy moments. We at Timberline Financial have rounded up five inexpensive activities to do with your dad that are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bike Ride and a Picnic

Get some exercise by going on a fun bike ride with the family! Pack up some snacks or lunch and if space allows, bring a Frisbee or your baseball mitts and play catch. If you don't have a bike but live near a city, most have bike rentals available. You could even walk to the nearest lake, park, or playground and enjoy the summer sun. Here are some fun food ideas that will win dad over!

Canoe, Kayak, or Boat

If you live near a lake or river, look into renting a canoe or kayak for the day. Perhaps a fun road trip to the nearest destination that provides these amenities is necessary! Don't forget to make adventurous pit stops at local attractions. Getting there is half the fun, right? Maybe dad has a boat-- well, grab a fishing pole and spend some quality time together. Whichever you choose, spending time near the water is always good for the soul.

Build Something

Perhaps leaving the house isn't an option, in that case, bring the fun to you. Go to your local hardware store and grab some supplies to make a birdhouse. Many instructional videos such as this birdhouse tutorial are available online for free. If you would rather start simple, grab some paints and frame a fun piece of art that he can hang in his office or try out a plethora of arts and crafts.

Barbecue and Yard Games

Barbecuing is a Father's Day staple so make it even more fun by adding some yard games. Bean bag toss, potato sack racing, Badminton-- all affordable and easy games to play with the family. Help your dad with the cooking and checkout these delicious summer recipes. Don't forget his favorite beer or wine-- or more-- to make it a fun taste testing event.


Maybe you would rather keep the house clean or perhaps the weather is putting a damper on your outdoor plans. Check out your local bowling alleys for any specials they might be having for Father's Day. Bowling is an exciting family activity that even the little ones can join in on (with a bumper of course).

Whatever you choose, spending time outdoors or simply turning off phones and computers is something the entire family can appreciate. A fun challenge: try not to be on your phones and instead, bring a disposable camera to capture the moments. It's always fun to get the film developed and take back home to show the kids and can reflect on all the fun.

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