Times are tough and money is tight. Everyone is struggling right now and through no fault of their own, it's getting harder to make ends meet. Just because you didn't get yourself into this situation doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to improve it. Cable is one of those recurring charges that add up quickly. Let's go over some ways to reduce your monthly cable bill.

1. Ditch Premium Channels

Premium channels can be nice to have if you get a lot of use out of them. However, for most people, they get them thinking they'll watch them all the time then rarely use them, if at all. If this sounds familiar, they might not be worth keeping. Cutting them could save as much as $30 or more.

2. Have Fewer Cable Boxes

The convenience of having a cable box in every room of the house is hard to resist. Once you realize you could be saving more than $10 every month by pairing down you might decide that reading in bed sounds like a better way to wind down at night anyway.

3. Minimize Extra Fees

Next time you're paying your cable bill, look at an itemized list of the charges. Call customer service and have them explain each fee to see if you can avoid any of them. These fees cost an average of $37 a month so it could make a big difference.

4. Eliminate DVR

Having all your shows recorded is convenient but you can often watch them on the network's website the next day for free. Also, many shows are available on one of the streaming services.

5. Just the Basics

Having a basic cable package can save you as much as $40 every month and most of the shows that have the best ratings are on the basic channels. Look into the shows you watch and see if they'd be affected.

6. Bundle with Internet

If you get your internet from your cable provider, you can often save a lot of money. Ask your cable company about it and see.

7. Negotiate

Not all these prices are fixed. If you can negotiate, they might lower some rates. If you have new customer prices or the prices of other providers, that can give you leverage.

8. Streaming Services

It might be better to just ditch cable altogether. Netflix and Hulu are much cheaper, and they have hundreds of shows and movies. Often if you just wait a couple of years, the shows you'd watch on live TV will come to one of them.

9. Satellite

Satellite is often much cheaper for basically the same service. They don't have the same overhead and you could save $30 a month and get more channels.

10. Try an Alternative Like Fubo

Fubo is a new streaming service that's more like traditional TV for those who aren't ready to let go yet. You can watch basic channels like ABC, NBC, and FOX, you get ESPN and can watch the major games, and you can record shows. You can watch from any device too including your TV.

Bottom Line

Cutting back doesn't have to mean going without. You have options. Look into them and find a combination that works for you.

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