The biggest myth about healthy eating is that it costs more money, but that's not entirely true. To start debunking that myth, let's first define what's considered a healthy diet.

A healthy diet is a balanced proportion of a variety of foods that gives your body all its essential nutrients. Healthy eating is smart eating and picking meals that not only fit your lifestyle but that also fit your budget. Here are nine ways to keep your belly and bank account full.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals can be just as simple as planning out your week. Take a look at your schedule and find meals that conveniently fit in the week. Remember this healthy eating solution in three easy steps: plan, prioritize, and budget.

Clip Those Coupons

Coupons can save you money in each grocery shopping trip. Clipping coupons is a very strategic way to save money and comes in great use when you have a large family. Next time your flipping through the newspaper, keep an eye out for the coupon booklet.

Buy and Cook in Bulk

Memberships to wholesale stores like Costco and Sam's Club have its perks. Buying in bulk and in family size saves money in the long run. Plus, it gives you the option to cook full meals and store the rest for later.

Shop at Local Farmers' Markets

Local farmers' markets offer affordable, seasonal, fresh, and organic produce all in one place that is hard to find at supermarkets. Farmers' markets are a part of the community that offers a unique shopping experience than the typical grocery store.

Eat Less Processed Foods

Processed foods are cheaper than healthier foods because you pay the cost in altered ingredients. Although these foods appear to be more budget friendly due to its low cost, cheap food adds up.

Eat Out Less

It is extremely tempting to enjoy our favorite meals at our favorite restaurants but this habit inflates spending. An easy fix to eating healthy on a budget is cooking your favorite meals at home.

Enjoy Leftovers

Now that you're thinking of how you can eat out less and cook at home more it helps to know that leftovers can go a long way. Who says you have to eat the same meal for the entire week when you can turn roasted chicken and vegetables to a chicken pot pie or a crockpot stew.

Buy Store Brands

You don't have to sacrifice the quality of foods when you're budgeting for a healthier diet when you buy generic brands. If you take a look at the ingredients label of a generic product compared to a popular brand you'll notice similar ingredients at a much cheaper price.

Try Different Sources of Protein

Expensive cuts of meats are delicious and when buying for a large family account for a big percentage of the grocery bill. Another approach to getting your daily intake of protein is substituting meat for beans. During the week, alternate your protein and give beans like lentils and chickpeas a try.

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