Working remotely is an opportunity that provides convenience and flexibility in the workplace. However, it is still work. It must be organized and professional. You may be able to perform your job duties in your pajamas, but it must be the same quality as work performed in a professional setting. One way to accomplish this is to set up your home office for success. Here are 5 home office essentials for your remote job that will keep you motivated and productive.

1. Desk Lamp

Home lighting solutions are generally focused on lighting a room for functional use. Unfortunately, the functions of these rooms fall short of the needs of a home office. Desk lamps provide focused light that can be directed toward your work, which prevents cumbersome shadows. It also allows for the lamp to be directed away from the eyes and toward the work, which reduces eye strain. For best results, use bulbs that mimic natural sunlight.

2. Headphones or Speakers

One challenge of remote jobs is getting away from everyday life and finding some peace and quiet. If you have a dedicated room for an office, you may be able to escape easily. In other circumstances, you may have to work amongst family or friends. Invest in some quality headphones or ear buds to tune out the distracting noises that can coincide with remote work. Even if it isn't a problem you foresee, you'll be glad you have them when an unknown event such as a construction project begins outside your home office.

3. Adjustable Desk or Worktable

Remote work often means sitting at a traditional desk for hours on end, but it doesn't have to be that way. Standing tables, adjustable worktables, and laptop carts can allow you to do your work while standing upright or lounging in your couch. Pay attention to how different environments affect productivity, but one of the greatest benefits of remote work is that it can be done nearly anywhere.

4. Activity Tracker

One risk of remote work is inactivity. You don't have to get showered and ready in the morning. There's no social pressure to fit into your work clothes. You may put of healthy choices and negatively impact your health. Many successful remote workers will tell you that it is important to "get ready" for work each day to prevent this. Another way to remind yourself to exercise is to monitor your activity. Smartwatches, pedometers, and even your phone can reveal how much you are moving.

5. Seat Cushion

It goes without saying that you need somewhere to sit, but if you are going to be sitting for a full 8-hour shift (with breaks), you are going to need more than a cushy chair. There are many seat cushions available for office desk chairs that can turn a day of sitting into a day of ergonomic bliss. Check out your options. Some of the most popular options are the waffle-design and memory foam seat cushions. There are many others.

Office Essentials Will Keep You On-Track

Arguably, the biggest challenge to remote work is keeping on-track. Especially if you are working from home, you may see housework or leisurely activity drawing your focus away from your remote job. Obtaining office essentials such as those listed above can help to keep you comfortable and focused. You'll be able to enjoy your job and keep on-track with your work goals.

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