We could all use a little extra cash on hand, and what better way to do it than through an app that's right at our fingertips. There are lots of opportunities to save a little money if you're willing to put in just a few extra steps for buying things you were going to buy anyway. Here are five great apps for saving some real cash.

  1. Earny

    Have you ever bought something and then noticed that it went on sale the next day? It's so frustrating because you can't spend all of your time chasing down the perfect sale and then trying to do follow up to make sure you haven't missed out on the rebate window if the price drops. Earny will do all of that work for you. It uses receipts from your purchases and automatically follows up with the company if you are due a refund because of a price drop, and then you get a notification about the money heading your way.

  2. Skiplagged

    Love to see the world but hate the bite it takes out of your budget? Skiplagged has you covered. This app is so good at finding loopholes in the travel industry that United Airlines actually sued them for it! The app creates a list of the cheapest flights to your destination across different airlines, but it also has a secret weapon. Skiplagged finds flights where you can go from to your destination as a layover stop and simply never board the flight to the next city. These flights are often much cheaper than flying direct. Find great flights at amazing prices and get more miles for your hard-earned dollars.

  3. GasBuddy

    Have you ever stopped for gas on your commute home and then seen cheaper prices at the next gas station down the road? Stop this frustrating loss of money by using GasBuddy, a simple, user-friendly app that lets you know where the cheapest gas is so that you can keep your car rolling and your wallet full.

  4. Grocery Pal

    Groceries are often one of the hardest parts of the budget to get under control. After all, no matter what else is going on in your life, you still have to eat! The time that it takes to clip coupons, shop sales, comparison shop isn't even factored into the time you have to spend actually planning meals, shopping for the groceries, putting them away, or cooking the food! Let Grocery Pal help you save time and money. If you search for an item, Grocery Pal will show you the prices in nearby stores and automatically connect you with coupons for what you are planning to buy. It also lets you create lists so that your shopping trip is more streamlined and easier to complete—making it less likely that you waste money on stuff you don't need!

  5. Acorns

    We usually think about apps that can save us money as those that help us get a discount or find a deal, but Acorns works by helping us build long-term habits that can change our financial futures. Named for the idea that putting a little away at a time (like a squirrel hiding acorns) can really help us in the future, this app helps you round up everyday purchases and make small one-time investments in order to create a savings account that can help you weather tough times or even make your retirement dreams come true.

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to meeting their financial goals, and luckily we are living in a time when getting that help is available at the push of a button or the swipe of a finger. Download these apps today to start seeing big savings on purchases you'll be making again and again. The savings really add up!

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