The internet gives consumers wide access to information, which makes it easier to compare prices across companies and save money. Vacations can be a major summer expense. Between transportation, lodging, food, and activities, the average family will spend just under $2,000 for their summer holiday. Finding savings can be the difference between adding to current debt balances or living within your existing budget. To save money, check out the following websites, which can reduce costs on everything from flights to meals while you are on the road.

  1. Hotel Tonight saves money on last minute hotel rooms. You can reserve your room up to two weeks in advance, with a higher level of savings the closer you are to your travel dates. If you don’t mind booking accommodations at the last minute, you can save 50% or more off standard room rates.Other websites that specialize in saving you money on lodging include Airbnb and Hostelz. Airbnb offers rooms, condos and houses for rent by personal owners, which can reduce the cost of accommodations. Hostelz serves as an aggregator website for hostels, allowing you to locate and book rooms around the country. Updated hostels offer both dorm style rooms with shared bathrooms and private rooms with private bathrooms at a lower price than a traditional hotel.
  2. Secret Flying focuses on finding the lowest price on airfares. The website includes educational tools and little-known strategies on how to find discounted flights. It also includes last minute fares and “error fares,” that capture fare mistakes, which only last until the airline corrects the mistake. This can result in significantly reduced prices. The website covers both US and international flights. You can sign up for the newsletter if you want to receive notifications.Other websites that can save you money on flights include Airfare Watchdog and Hopper.  Airfare Watchdog allows you to sign up for notices on certain routes, whereas Hopper recommends when to buy tickets based on the destination.
  3. Yapta provides a tracking service for both individuals and corporations. They will track pricing on booked flights and hotel rooms and notify you if the price falls after booking. The website also posts the refund policies from third-party airlines, as well as and information on how to obtain a refund if the site finds a better price.
  4. Save money on car rentals through Auto Slash. This site compares not only rental rates across multiple companies, but also tracks online and membership discounts to apply to your rental. What makes them unique is that after you book your rental on the website, it will track any rate changes across companies, up until the day you pick up the car. It will then automatically rebook your rental at the lowest rate.Other websites that can save you money on car rentals include Transfer Car and Blabla Car. Transfer Car offers one-way rentals in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. You can rent a one-way car or campervan for as little as $1 per trip. The company partners with rental agencies that need to move a vehicle from one location to another. The site will list the maximum number of days for the transfer, and in some cases, you can pay extra for additional days. Blabla Car is a carpool service operating in Mexico and European countries. You can catch a ride with someone headed to the same destination at a very reduced rate.
  5. Cut down city transportation costs by using companies such as Uber and Lyft instead of calling a cab. Ride-sharing companies operate in major cities around the world and can save you up to 50% compared to the cost of a traditional taxi ride. Cost estimators, found on the websites, allow you to compare prices before you book.
  6. Compare transportation costs to any destination worldwide at Rome2Rio. Enter any two cities and the website produces a list of transportation options, along with estimated costs and time frames to help you choose the best method of travel for your trip.
  7. Find the lowest prices on gasoline along your route and at your destination with the Gas Buddy It is hard to know where to fill your tank when you are traveling or in an unfamiliar place. The website provides real-time gas prices around the country by relying on users to input current local prices for thousands of gas stations and convenience stores. After entering your location, the app will generate a list of nearby gas stations along with the most recent input time from a Gas Buddy user.
  8. Cruise Compete can save you hundreds on your next cruise by comparing prices across multiple cruise lines. Unlike most cruise aggregate sites, Cruise Compete is not a travel agent and you cannot book directly with the company. Instead, they partner with multiple travel agents. Once you enter your information and cruise preferences, travel agents compete for your business and email you available cruises based on your interest. Think of them as the Lending Tree for cruises.Another website that can save you money on a cruise is Last Minute Cruises, which specializes in low priced deals for sailing up to six weeks from the date of booking.
  9. Slick Deals tracks promotions from travel companies. They promote discounts on airfare, bus passes, and attraction tickets. You can save on travel costs by choosing your destination based on specials offered by companies. For example, if an airline runs a last-minute fare special, you can find it on Slick Deals.
  10. Save money on vacation packages through Costco, Groupon Getaways, or Living Social Escapes. Each company offers discounts on vacation packages, as well as savings on other aspects of travel such as hotel rooms, attractions, and restaurants. You can save up to 80% depending on the service.

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