Debt Reduction Versus Retirement Savings: Which One First?

With unprecedented debt levels at older ages, Americans are struggling to get it all done before retirement. Experts commonly recommend having a million or more in savings. Debt levels are at all-time highs, and those in their 50’s are still adding debt instead of paying off mortgages.

As you get serious about retirement you may wonder which option will offer the highest payoff:

Pay off all your debt and enter retirement with little or no savings, or save as much as possible and enter retirement with heavy debt loads? Read more

End of Year Tax Tips to Increase Your Refund

For tax purposes, there are steps you can take before December 31, that could significantly increase your tax refund. While it is common to avoid tax topics until January, taking a few calculated measures now could pay off big in the New year.   Read more

Top 7 Financial Mistakes Made While Traveling

You arrive at a packed airport scrambling to find the next gate in an unfamiliar place. The delay, due to a change in flight crews, adds to the stress as you realize you must venture to a different part of the airport because the next flight is with a different airline, even though you booked one round trip flight on Travelocity.

Whether you are traveling to see family for the holidays or on vacation, there are common mistakes that cost you both time and money. Here is a rundown of the top 7 and how to avoid them. Read more

Financial Check List Before the New Year Arrives

Just as an annual physical is good for your physical health, annual financial checkups are good for your financial health. They enable you to assess where you are and compare it with where you want to be. You can measure progress, make necessary adjustments, and get or stay on track with your long-term goals. Read more