Timberline Financial Earns Prestigious BSI Group’s Quality Management System Certification

BSI Group’s Quality Management System CertificationNew York, NY, May 12, 2016 – Timberline Financial, a leading debt resolution services company, has earned the prestigious BSI Group’s Certification for Quality Management System – AFCC Best Practices.  The Quality Management Systems Certification is a requirement of all Accredited Members of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) and ensures that member companies operate under a strict set of operational and compliance guidelines established by the AFCC.  Accredited Member companies must undergo an initial certification and annual re-certification in order to maintain Accredited Member Status with the AFCC.

“We are very pleased to have earned the BSI Group’s Quality Management System Certification.  Our management and operations teams take great pride in how we operate, ensuring the utmost professional integrity and operational standards. These standards ensure we are delivering the highest level of service and results to our clients.” commented Ryan Sasson, CEO Read more

Planning a Budget You Will Really Follow in 10 Quick Steps

Planning a Budget You Will Really Follow in 10 Quick Steps

Putting pen to paper and creating a budget is only the first step in taking control of your finances. The inability to follow the budget you created will result in frustration and discouragement. While spending can easily be tracked through apps, if you have not established your financial priorities, it will not be the guide that leads to financial freedom.

A budget is more than balancing the checkbook or ensuring you have enough in the account to cover weekly or monthly bills. It is more than an accounting of what you spend and where you spend. A sound budget is a tool which points you in the direction of your choice, rather than reactionary spending that is controlled by impulses.

Here are 10 steps to help you create and follow a budget that will serve as your financial roadmap. Read more

Timberline Financial Honored with 2016 Best of Manhattan Award

manhattan award programNew York, NY, May 10, 2016 – Timberline Financial, a leading debt resolution services company, has been recognized by The Best of Manhattan Program for its exceptionalism in the category of Debt Resolution Services.  Each year, The Manhattan Awards Program recognizes  businesses throughout Manhattan that have achieved excellence in their respective industries through the implementation of best practices and programs designed to generate competitive advantages and long term value for their clients, employees and shareholders. “We are so proud to be honored with this award. It recognizes the hard work and dedication our team has on helping clients to be free of their credit card debt.” Commented Daniel Blumkin, President.

The Manhattan Awards Program focuses on quality and not quantity when recognizing companies and uses a number of data points and metrics gathered internally from each company as well as third party data sources.  The small businesses recognized each year through the Manhattan Awards Program demonstrate achievements in their local community and business category and further illustrate why Manhattan is a great place to live, work and play. Read more

Today’s Retiring Class: Losing the Debt Payoff Game

In retirement, Baby Boomers will face a new set of challenges, including longer lives and more years to fund in retirement. They are entering the golden years with more debt than any previous generation. Mortgage payments, credit cards, and student loans are still being paid. These dynamics leave less income for leisure activities and a lower level of financial security, not to mention added stress.

Where is The Income?

Social security was only designed as basic income protection and was never meant to provide a meaningful retirement. Today’s retirees face declining pension plans and increased responsibility for funding their own retirements. This shift came throughout their career and have left many short of retirement funds to rely on. This, combined with the increased debt load, is leaving Baby Boomers rediscovering new ways to fund their retirement dreams. Read more

What Everyone Should Know About Late Payments

What Everyone Should Know About Late Payments

Every week the bills arrive like clockwork in your mailbox or inbox. There is no break in the rhythm, regardless of other events happening in your life. As long as the income arrives in sequence with the bills, you are able to make everything work. Then, as life does, something comes up and you are left scrambling with the decision of what to pay first and what must wait. The unexpected event could be anything from a reduction in work hours to higher expenses not covered by your emergency fund. Either way, there is not enough money to get everything paid on time.

The first factor in deciding which bill may be one in which you may choose to wait to pay until the next pay day, is looking at the type of account it is. Each has different grace periods and late fees to consider when deciding to pay a bill late. Read more