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Top 7 Credit Mistakes Baby Boomers Make

In retirement, borrowing needs diminish, leading many seniors to neglect their credit, because it no longer seems important. However, companies use credit scores for more than just lending: Insurance companies evaluate credit to determine rates, especially among car insurance providers; most utility companies and mobile phone providers use credit to determine deposit requirements and account […]

Tips for Saving Money on Food While in College

For the 2016-17 school year, the average tuition and fees for an in-state student attending a state school were $9,650. Room and board, which includes housing, utilities, and food, at public universities average $10,440 for the same educational year. Private universities have a higher tuition starting point, averaging $33,480 and room and board coming in […]

The Financial Impact of Multigenerational Homes & Tips to Make It Work

Multigenerational living arrangements became a trend starting in 2007 when the recession hit, and has increased in popularity each year over the last decade. Based on 2014 census data, nearly 19% of the United States population, or approximately 60 million people, lived with family members across multiple generations. These numbers are a sharp increase from […]